I’ve been hunting ducks for almost 60 years, going every chance I had, and now that I’ve retired I go almost every day.  I live in the Missouri Bootheel and we have lots of smart ducks that have seen everything from Canada to the wintering grounds and have been shot at a lot.  The Auto Jerk Decoy System is better than anything else on the market!  It will fool the wariest of ducks.  I’ve always said give me a duck call and a jerk string and I’ll be happy, but after using the Auto Jerk Decoy System I don’t want the jerk string anymore.  This System is hands down the most realistic decoy movement devise ever made.  The best part to me is getting my children and grandchildren close shots.  It is easy to set up and take down, built tough to withstand a season of constant use in all types of weather conditions, and is an awesome tool on calm days.  My first one was submerged for several days in a flood, and I dried it out, sprayed some oil in it, and it works like it always did!  If you want to get the ducks in close so the average shooter can hit ‘em, get this System!

Kent S. Freeman, Cotton Hill Farms, Rives, MO


The Auto Jerk Decoy System is absolutley phenomenal. No more jerk cord tangles and very life-like movement in your spread. I'm trading in my mojos and going 100% AJDS.  

~ Kevin Phillips





If you like shooting ducks at 20-30 yards, the Auto Jerk Decoy System is for you, the best devise since the spinning wing decoy. It adds natural movement to your spread, which attacks ducks with out even calling a lot of times. I highly recommend it and will not hunt without one. 

 ~ Pat Hale



The  Auto Jerk Decoy System is with out a doubt the most realistic motion decoy system on the market. I am convinced it will change duck hHunting.

~ Dr. Joseph Zeiter Jr.




I started accompanying my father on his duck hunts when I was seven years old. I was thrilled when I was able to assist with the shooting when I was ten. That was 47 years ago! Over the years I have had some wonderful hunts. Last year I had the opportunity to shoot ducks several times while using the Auto Jerk Decoy System. In a word, I would say the results from the Auto Jerk Decoy System are amazing! The movement created on the water resulted in an incredibly realistic condition that attracted the ducks to the blinds and the eager hunters. This was an incredible opportunity for me to experience the success of this decoy system! 

~ Bruce Spallding 



The Auto Jerk Decoy System is all about feet down. Without a question it's the best unit I've ever hunted with for killing ducks.

~ Jeff Dosio


I have been hunting ducks for over 40 years and have just about tried every motion decoy on the market to help me take more ducks from kites, spinning wings and splashing decoys... some worked while others not so well. But then I had the opportunity to hunt with Dario Leventini, the inventor of the Auto Jerk Decoy System, I was amazed to see how the ducks responded to this decoy system when they see it, they are completely sold. There is nothing like it anywhere on the market today. This a must have for any duck hunter, either for refuge, rotating blinds or season long set-ups. It is completely portable, easy to set up and top quality and built to last.

~ Bill Evans

This product is changing duck hunting and will change the way YOU hunt ducks. 
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