Recommended Decoys



Head down feeding mallard decoys give a realistic look to your auto jerk spread as they move back and fourth.

Head down feeding wigeon.

Pintail duck butts will give you a different motion in
your spread as they roll back and fourth with
a lifelike movement.

Feeding mallard butts mixed in your spread 
gives the auto jerk system The most natural
look on the market.

The body only mallard decoy rResembles a duck with
its head in the water but will allow great movement
with the body still visable.

Resting wigeon will put a  natural look on the pond
with an inviting look.

The feeding mallard with head not only down but
turned sideways adds a more natural look than
ordinary standard decoys.

If you hunt where spooned billed ducks winter,  a few
feeding spoonie decoys on your system works great.

Mix and matching your different style decoys
put depth into your spread.

Floating geese decoys on this system adds
confidence on the water.


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