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Currently we have the
Complete Auto Jerk System wtih Duffle Bag carrying case and the Portable Spreader available.

All of the products below are available.

Coming Soon: Motor Bracket Adjustment Knob

Kit #1 - Complete Auto Jerk Decoy System Image


Kit #1 - Complete Auto Jerk Decoy System
Complete with Duffle Bag - FREE SHIPPING

Kit #2 - Auto Jerk Decoy System Image


Kit #2 - Auto Jerk Decoy System
Same as Kit #1 PLUS the Spreader Kit FREE SHIPPING

12 Volt Gear Motor Image


12 Volt Gear Motor
12 Volt Gear Motor

Decoy Line Kit Image


Decoy Line Kit
Decoy Line Kit

Battery Kit Image


Battery Kit
12 volt 7amp hr. and wall charger.

Portable Spreader Image


Portable Spreader
Sold Separately - Set of 2

Decoy Band Attachment Kit Image


Decoy Band Attachment Kit
Decoy Band Attachment Kit

Anchor Pole Image


Anchor Pole
One Anchor Pole

Motor Pole Image


Motor Pole
One Motor Pole