To adjust the height on your Auto Jerk motor, simply loosen the thumb screw and slide the motor up or down to your desired height. Than tighten thumb screw when done. It is recommended to run the pivot arm slightly under the water.

The #1 adjustment provides a slow constant movement with no jerking of the decoys.

With the small bolt going threw both holes in the V arm will give you a constant motion with no jerking as it pulls the decoy lines back and fourth. You can fine tune the movement from here by simply putting more or less tension on your anchor poles.

The #2 adjustment provides a constant movement with an added jerk pulse throughout the spread.

This set up with the small bolt going threw only the closest hole on the long arm will give you more aggressive action. It will give you a constant back and forth motion with an added jerk throughout your decoys.

The #3 adjustment provides a constant movement and gives a bigger jerk pulse throughout the decoy spread.

This setting gives you the constant motion with a big jerk throughout your spread. This setting will also give you the most rippling on the water. If it is to much movement for you, simply move your anchor poles closer to lessen the tension on your decoy lines. Overall this setting will give you the best results. (The Auto Jerk System is delivered set with this setting)

After your motor pole is placed in the desired location, snap the decoy lines to the Jerk arm. Run the lines to the two anchor poles and connect.

Once your motor is in place and lines are snapped on, and decoy lines are run to the anchor poles, put some tension on the lines so they are not loose. Attach your decoys than slide on your battery terminals. At this point you can adjust the anchor poles tighter or looser for more or less movement.